ACT History

A Legacy of Helping the Construction Trades

  • In May of 1988 ACT working alongside the then Tucson Mayor Thomas Volgy to help create a proclamation that the month of May be dedicated to Subcontractors and all their hard work.

  • In 2003 ACT and the City of Tucson worked side by side again to pass the Proposed Bid Listing Ordinance. This Ordinance would help stop the bid shopping by providing actual minimum price of the subcontractor and ensure that the real price would be passed onto the City’s awarding authority at the time of the prime contractors bid. Bid listing only requires the prime contractor to list the subcontractors that will be used if the City accepts the bid. Bid listing increased the incentive for highly qualified specialty contractors to bid on projects. It protected the public and taxpayers’ interest by assuring the government that it will receive the quality and scope of work for which it is paying.

  • In September 2011, ACT received a plaque from The American Red Cross for leadership with the September 11TH terrorist attack on the twin towers. ACT donated money to the American Red Cross and sent members to ground zero to help clean up and rebuild.

  • In 2012, ACT participated in the community forum "Uniting Against Metal Theft" in an effort to address a growing metal theft problem in Tucson.

  • In 2013, ACT voted a bylaw change at its June membership meeting by a 90 percent approval margin, creating a General Contractor — Home Builder Council that would allow general contractors and homebuilders to become members of ACT with full benefits.